Task Description📄

🔰 11.1 Configure Hadoop and start cluster services using Ansible Playbook

Today I am going to show you how to configure Namenode and Datanode and start the services of both using an ansible-playbook.

Here, I am creating two playbooks. …

Hola Everyone, Today I am going to show how to configure an Apache web server on docker using Ansible-playbook.

Task Description📄

🔰Write an Ansible PlayBook that does the following operations in the managed nodes:

🔹 Configure Docker

🔹 Start and enable Docker services

🔹 Pull the httpd server image from…

Hello everyone, today I am going to explain to you how to increase/decrease the size of the static partition without losing any data in Linux.

Instructions to Follow: Increase the Size of Static Partition

  1. I already have a static partition (/dev/sdb1) with some data.

The size of external storage is 8GB.

Size of static partiton (/dev/sdb1) is 4GB.

Hola Friends, today we are going to automate multiple technologies using python script.

we will show automation by running Basic Linux Commands, Configuring Httpd, Docker, LVM Partition, Launch AWS OS, Configuration of Ansible and Start the service using ansible using a single Python script.

Here’s my Menu program:-

Hola Everyone, Today I am going to explain to you how to configure httpd web server inside the docker.

Step by step instructions

  1. First, you have to download the centos 8 images from google.

Command used to download centos:8 image is docker pull centos:8

2. Now, launch the container on the docker.

Command used…

Let’ see how can we set up Python Interpreter and running Python Code on Docker Container.

1. Download the image which supports python interpreter.

The Image I found is centos: 8, it supports python interpreter.

Command used to download the image: docker pull centos:8

2. Now, Run the container using the centos image

Command used: docker run -it — name myos2 centos:8

Task Description

Elasticity Task

Integrating LVM with Hadoop and providing Elasticity to DataNode Storage.

Today, I am going to show you how to provide elasticity to the DataNode.

What is LVM?

LVM stands for Logical Volume Management. It is a concept for the storage. Many storage device which provides elasticity follows LVM concept.

LVM helps to provide…

Google Pay actually stays inaccessible on the Apple App Store as designers attempt to fix a few issues. Right now, looking for Google Pay on the App Store records rival digital payment platforms including PhonePe, Paytm, and Amazon, which has Amazon Pay access.

Digital Payment application Google Pay actually stays…

A well-known messaging application, WhatsApp, has now, delivered its much-anticipated feature for its clients, where one can mute someone’s chat forever. WhatsApp’s Always Mute option is presently accessible on both iOS and Android versions of the application. Let’s see How to Enable WhatsApp Always Mute option.

The Facebook-claimed messaging application

Google Trends can give an abundance of bits of knowledge that can help direct catch the right keyword and content methodologies. Let’s see how to Use Google Trends for Youtube Videos.

In this article, you will become familiar with a couple of approaches to utilize Google Trends to help gain…

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