MPL Gaming Platform Goes from 0 to 40 Million Users on AWS(Case-Study)

MPL stands for Mobile premium league. It is one of the great and trending gaming applications across the world.

With the current scenario of today's world of using smartphones daily, the MPL app became a great time pass and earning making app. Currently, India ranked in the 5th position among the world’s top mobile markets across the world.

Bangalore-based MPL app is the biggest and fastest-growing app. It offers 50+ games to play. People can also earn money by playing games from the MPL app. MPL has all the categories of games.

MPL app launched in September 2018 and got 10 million users in the first 3 months, which was the goal of one year for the company.

The developer of the MPL app is Sai Srinivas Kiran Garimella. The company is Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd.

“AWS has been by our side throughout our entire growth journey, from debugging to stabilizing and optimizing to now expanding our product,” said Mukta Aphale (Vice President, Reliability and Engineering, MPL).

How the Journey Begins with AWS Cloud

This startup starts on the AWS Cloud because many of the DevOps engineers have experience on AWS Cloud. AWS provides the scalability and automation to the MPL app. The startup began from Amazon Aurora service as it provides the database as a service and an Amazon RDS service which helps in the administrative work like backup and provisioning.

As the users increase on the MPL app they need to increase their database capability and want the AWS service that stores unstructured data too so they go with the Amazon DynamoDB service. This service enhanced the gaming experience of the user because this service helps to increase the horizontal scaling and reduce the latency of data access.

Note: Amazon DynamoDB can easily handle the volume, velocity and veracity. It also helps to manage the users as 2.5 million users hit per minute. Automation is the key to managing MPL’s architecture.

Currently, the DevOps engineer of the MPL app uses a microservices for the automation and development using Amazon Lambda and Amazon CodeDeploy services.

To stabilize the performance at scale and improve the operational efficiency, their engineers use the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to run the containers at high availability. Amazon EKS is much more robust than open-source Kubernetes.

The startup recently subscribed to AWS Enterprise Support to prepare for the launch of a big campaign. Teams appreciate having an AWS technical account manager (TAM) and AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) as part of the support package, with focused planning and ready assistance leading up to and during the launch.


  • Ensures API latency of 30 milliseconds or less
  • Maintains application uptime of 99.9%
  • Cuts infrastructure costs by 40%
  • Provides automation to support growing its business without increasing resources

MPL App used the following services in the App:-

  1. Amazon DynamoDB
  2. Amazon EKS
  3. Amazon Aurora
  4. Amazon Enterprise Support.

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